Saturday, 30 November 2013

NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow is 1 December!!

NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow is 1 December!!

So what does that mean?

It's almost Christmas?

Tomorrow is the first day Advent?

Nope...well...yes it is BUT....tomorrow is....MY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY haha

Yep this girl...(me haha)... going to be a year older and I am going to celebrate in style.

Tonight I have a night out planned with friends to celebrate and then a birthday lunch with friends tomorrow.  Then I have a whole week off work (and boy do I need a week off work!!!).  During this week I am going to London and I'm really excited.  My friends and I are going to be going to the Christmas Markets (I love Christmas Markets), then to see the Musical Wicked (everyone I have spoken to have said it's amazing), we also have tickets to the Ice Bar and then to go outdoor ice skating.  I am really looking forward to some time away from work and to have a good time and to spoil myself a little bit really.  It's been a difficult and busy few weeks and I am so happy to be through it all now, the pressure of work and the demands that comes with it and the heartbreaking situations I have to deal with.

Tonight however is about having fun, letting off steam and starting my birthday celebrations

Monday, 18 November 2013

T'is the no not Christmas...yet...

Friday was an amazing day off!  I went to a spa for the day and had the most incredibly relaxing day.  I had a full body massage and a facial and it felt so good.  After the treatments my friend and I had a little snack and drink before we headed off into the rest of the spa and check out the rooms and swimming pool.  We into all the rooms including the Japanese Salt Sauna (one of my personal favourites), Roman style heated beds, Laconium, Sauna, Foot Spa's, Greek Herbal Bath, Indian Blossom Steam Room (another favourite of mine) and an Aqua Meditation Room.  We also went swimming in the outdoor pool which was pretty good too until we had to get out and I was soooo cold haha.  Throughout the day I'm sure I fell asleep for a few minutes at a time particularly in the meditation room.  We had lunch at the spa too which was a really nice lunch and a couple of glasses of champagne.  Champagne is alllllways a good thing.

The spa was such a great way to relax and something that I really needed.  The woman who did my massage told me that I had a little bit of tension across my shoulders.  I'm surprised it wasn't a lot of tension because work has been stressful in the last couple of months and slowly but surely I'm getting through my crazy busy period. I needed the day off to just forget about work and all the negativity surrounding my profession at the minute.  If people believe everything that people have to say about my profession then we should either be in prison or continually being trained to do our job...all I can say to that is the people that hear and see one story in the news, as tragic as it is, I know the extreme situations I am put in every day, I know what threats I get on a regular basis, I know how hard I work to protect children, and people who think people like me need to be doing this or that, then I invite them to spend a week or two following me around to see what I do and the extreme levels of stress and dangerous situations I'm subject to.  But I persevere anyway because I do the job I love...

...Anyway....rant over haha...

Friday night resulted in a late night out continuing the relaxing theme of my weekend.  I made it to bed pretty late both nights but as always we left the bars, got greasy food, went home and carried on having drinks with my friends until the morning came around haha.  Saturday I gave in to my friend who had been badgering me to join her netball team and so instead of sleeping in late I ended up getting up and running around a netball court...playing my usual position...Goal Attack...what can I say? I like the glory of scoring the goals for the team haha.

Sunday I met my Mum off the train at the mall and we had a little Starbucks date for breakfast and then hit the shops which was good.  I have FINALLY started my Christmas shopping!! haha.  I hopefully will have it all done in the next couple of weeks.  After shopping my Step Dad arrived (he had been golfing in the morning, weirdly he doesn't like shopping haha) and we went out for Sunday Lunch.  Near where I live there's a great little pub that does a 3 course lunch and my parents love it (I'm pretty sure that's the only reason they visit me haha) and so Sunday afternoon I stuffed my face with a great lunch and my Mum and I shared a bottle of wine and then I had another glass of wine once we had polished off the bottle haha.  After they had headed back I got in my onesie and just relaxed for the rest of the night. I had such a great weekend!!

T'is the not Christmas...not for a little while anyway...but it's less than 2 weeks until my birthday yeahhhhhh haha.  It's also the time when my social life and social events gets out of control.  I have a pretty busy social life normally but this time of year it gets crazy and I'm starting it all off by celebrating my birthday by going away with the girls for a few days.

We have a jam packed few days away including...

and here too...

We have tickets to a musical, we are going to the Christmas Market there too...there will be a few bottles of champagne too celebrating my birthday and the trip away. I'm pretty excited to say the least haha.

Monday, 11 November 2013

I can see clearly....'s been 7 months to the date since I had eye laser surgery.  I had been wanting the surgery for some time so I didn't have to rely on glasses or contact lenses and finally decided to take the plunge and booked myself in for a consultation and then BOOM!!! I was booked in to have the surgery.  Now I love treating myself to the odd designer splurge or two but I have to say this was the best £2300 I have ever spent.  To no longer be reliant on glasses and lenses to see is amazing, 10 minute surgery and it was all done and I have perfect eye sight.  I wasn't sure what to expect and given my eventful day on the actual day of the surgery I expected me to be one of those people who would need additional surgery but nope...the world is still crystal clear for me!!

I've had my car a year now and I've managed to put about 13500 miles on it (I miss my car just having 7 miles on it haha) and in true girl style I am still coming across the features of my car.  I have only just become comfortable using cruise control on the motorway.  At first I didn't like it because I didn't feel I was in control but now I LOVE it!! haha.  Speaking of driving I got a few funny looks and smiles my way tonight on the way home because I was sat in traffic and singing away and dancing away as I waited...I just smiled at the people staring and carried on singing haha.

I had a little head cold last week which zapped all of my energy out of me but thankfully I'm feeling much better and I'm back fighting fit, although a little tired tonight because for some reason I couldn't sleep and was awake quite late last night, not that I'm really complaining haha.

My busy period at work (work is always busy really) is starting to come to an end and calm down over the next few weeks which I am so happy about because the days have really seemed to roll into one at the minute.  I don't know how we have arrived at the middle of November.  The TV commercials are focusing on Christmas and it's occurred to me...I haven't started my Christmas shopping!!! eeeeek!!! I am not doing well at this being prepared thing haha.

Tonight though I have no work laptop with me and that is something to celebrate so that's what I'm going to do!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Remember remember the 5th of November...

Tomorrow is the 5 November and here we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night...remember remember the 5th of November!!! 1605 was when Guy Fawkes was part of the Gunpowder Plot who attempted to blow up parliament, so we basically celebrate the fact that the King at the time survived the attempt on his life.  So now we celebrate by building bonfires and usually children make a "Guy" made out of old clothes and stuff them with newspaper to make it look like a person.  Once the fire is fully alight the "Guy" is then thrown onto the fire.  Then there's the fireworks display symbolising what would have happened back in 1605 if the attempt by Guy Fawkes had been successful.

The main man...Guy Fawkes
It's always a good night because we usually go with a group of friends to an event where there's food stalls, games, funfair rides, a bonfire and a fire work display.  I love it, my friends and I have a great time trying all the different foods and drinks on the stalls and challenging each other to the games.  Aaaaaaand it's a great excuse to wear my new winter hat hahahahah.....

New Winter Hat!!! haha