Saturday, 30 November 2013

NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow is 1 December!!

NEWS FLASH: Tomorrow is 1 December!!

So what does that mean?

It's almost Christmas?

Tomorrow is the first day Advent?

Nope...well...yes it is BUT....tomorrow is....MY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY haha

Yep this girl...(me haha)... going to be a year older and I am going to celebrate in style.

Tonight I have a night out planned with friends to celebrate and then a birthday lunch with friends tomorrow.  Then I have a whole week off work (and boy do I need a week off work!!!).  During this week I am going to London and I'm really excited.  My friends and I are going to be going to the Christmas Markets (I love Christmas Markets), then to see the Musical Wicked (everyone I have spoken to have said it's amazing), we also have tickets to the Ice Bar and then to go outdoor ice skating.  I am really looking forward to some time away from work and to have a good time and to spoil myself a little bit really.  It's been a difficult and busy few weeks and I am so happy to be through it all now, the pressure of work and the demands that comes with it and the heartbreaking situations I have to deal with.

Tonight however is about having fun, letting off steam and starting my birthday celebrations


  1. Ooh I love Christmas. Looking at your pictures it has made me very excited! Hope you have a lovely birthday too, sounds like you have a great day planned :)

  2. happy birthday! where I'm from, it's already Dec 1 (and approx 13 mins to Dec2 ;D) anyway, giving away a domain on my blog :D maybe rafflecopter will look kindly to you since it's your bday :D