Monday, 2 December 2013

Don't you just love a good old stereotype??


"you don't look the type of girl...."

"generally like lower maintenance girls..." hahaha.

I am sure there have been many more throughout the conversation but those are the ones that simply made me laugh!!...what's the saying??

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

It always makes me laugh when people have some preconceived idea of what kind of person I am...that I'm that kind of girl and suggesting that I'm high maintenance.  My suggestion?!?!?!....get to know me instead of judging me haha.

Of course it's just friendly banter...I can take that...I can also take that I know the person I am and I am happy with the person I am.  As people who are my friends and who read my blog know...I am from a family that mean everything to me, I work my ass off to achieve the things I set out to do, somewhere in my head there's a significant amount of grey matter called a brain and I am studying for my second Master's Degree...I love to have fun, play sports, love hiking with my dog King Zeb, and I am caring and thoughtful to the people that mean the most and I work in a job that is not only heartbreaking but so rewarding with children and young people...but yeah...I'm high maintenance haha...I like to document my life and create memories by taking pictures with my friends and like to explore the world and if that makes me one of those girls....then so be it haha...I can't help but laugh, I find it funny how wrong someone is!! 


My birthday weekend was...AMAZING!!

I had such a fun time and was well and truly spoilt by my friends and family.  My friends and I drank and danced a lot and generally had a lot of fun.

As everyone knows I'm a proud Welsh girl!! The weekend was no different and my friends thought it would be hilarious if they had Tom Jones played in the bar and made me dance...Carlton style the heels came off...I hitched my dress up a little and got in position aaaand off I went...

I rocked this dance...much to my friends and the rest of the bars amusement haha.  I had so much fun with everyone and of course it turned into a late night on Saturday night / Sunday Morning seeing in my birthday in true style.

To finish my blog I'm going to post a few selfies from the weekend...with the classic "duck face" hahaha...what girl doesn't like a posing pouting pic haha

Tonight I've been out to dinner and given in to a couple of my friends wanting to go out, so here's a little preview of the night hahaha


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