Monday, 23 December 2013

Nadolig Llawen....that's Merry Christmas to non-Welsh speakers :-)


Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!   

Father Christmas (Santa Claus) rocking the red of the Welsh with the Welsh flag in the Father Christmas actually Welsh???? haha

I love this time of year! It's always so much fun having a good time with friends and work friends but also at work I have been delivering presents to the children that I work with which is so amazing to see the smiles on their faces when I turn up with gifts.

I have finally wrapped all my presents for friends and family.  We exchanged our secret santa gifts at work last week and whilst some of my friends opened their gifts I have saved mine for Christmas Day.  I refused to open mine because I have always been brought up not to open gifts before my birthday or Christmas so it's sat in my house waiting for me to open.  I have no idea what it is and I have just been told that I will love it.  

Having a December birthday as well as Christmas I am usually banned by friends and family from buying myself anything for about 6 weeks before my birthday on 1 December so that anything I may suggest I need or want they can look into buying things for me.  The trouble with that though...I never know what I want for Christmas or for my birthday, I'm used to buying things for myself if I need them. All my Christmas gifts will be a surprise because I haven't asked for anything because I genuinely don't know what I want...however no matter what I get I will love every single present.

I have one more day left at work before I head home to my Mum and Step Dad's home, the home I grew up in until I was 18...I love going back home to see my family and Christmas is best time ever.  I don't get enough time to go home and spend time with my family so I try and make the most of the time that I do get to see them.  On Christmas Day I know I'll also have telephone calls galore from my little brother and sister, my Dad and Step Mum because I won't get a chance to see them on Christmas Day, but my sister already called me today and told me it's Christmas Eve Eve (that's why I said Happy Christmas Eve Eve at the start of my post) and to tell me how many sleeps it was until Father Christmas was going to be stopping by.  She also told me that her and my brother had written their letters ready for Father Christmas and told me what food and drink they planned to leave for him and his cute!!!

Cute Christmas decorations that we have had since I was young

Drinks with the family

One of two trees we have at my Mum and Step Dads

Rocking the onesie on Christmas Day night

Even Coco is getting involved in the Christmas spirit

How we rocked Christmas 2012 style

2nd Christmas tree...I was clearly excited to see that Father Christmas had been

Coco and I showing some Christmas love

Christmas stocking on Christmas morning, I wake up to a stocking at the end of my bed every Christmas morning :-)

Tonight I spent some time going to the supermarket because at 8:30am this morning I got a phone call from my Mum asking me what food and drink I wanted her to get me for Christmas because she was going food shopping.  Asking me what I want for 2-3 days time is just no good, as I responded to my Mum "I don't know what I'm having for breakfast today Mum so meal times and snacks throughout Christmas has not even entered my head".  Yep, my Mum was one of the crazy people braving the supermarket in the day time witnessing people buying multiple trollies full of food and drink as though the world is going to end or the shops are not open for the next 3 weeks.

I got a phone call later in the day today from my Mum saying she had forgotten a couple of items so I said I would save my Mum's sanity and said I would pick up the things she wanted and I would bring them with me tomorrow.  I needed to go to the University to return a couple of books so as I drove past one supermarket there were lots of cars queuing to get into the supermarket car park so I drove straaaaaight past that one.  I decided I would try one more before heading home.  The second one was very quiet which was....bad news!!! The place being quiet meant I could freely wander around looking at everything and pick up things not on my Mum's list and before I knew it a list that should have come to no more than £10-15...£40 later I was at the check out with two full bags of shopping!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful couple of days however you choose to spend it.

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