Sunday, 9 March 2014

Where has the year gone so far???

How on earth is it the 9 March already?  Seriously, where has this year gone so far???

I can't believe...being the proud Welsh girl that I am...I didn't post on 1 March celebrating St David's Day!! I am a bad Welshie that is for sure this year haha.  Life has been super duper busy with work, life, fun times and everything else that has come along.

Welsh Flag!!
I have also booked my holiday to Vegas and have been getting some tips on how to do Vegas "right" haha.  I am beyond excited to go and experience Vegas.  It's my friends birthday soon and so we have decided to treat ourselves to upgrading our flights for the journey to and from Vegas.  Although I have to admit the luxuries and benefits of upgrading are really wasted on me because I've been known to fall asleep in my seat before the plane has even set off...and like a true Welshie...I wake up just in time for food to be served and then back to sleep I go haha.

I was away last night for a break and a night out with friends which was a lot of fun... sooner have we come back from a night away and we have now got another weekend planned for next month.  We have dinner, drinks, going to the theatre and spa day planned. Pretty much my idea of a great time and I am in serious need of a little pampering and looking forward to getting a massage.  Work and university has had me working so much and really long hours recently that a bit of time focusing on me is just what I need...and it's great to spend time with friends too. 

Next weekend though I get to go hooooome!!

I am officially a bad daughter and sister!!! I have not been to visit my Dad, Step-Mum and siblings since just before my birthday...which as you all know is at the beginning of DECEMBER!!! I feel so bad that I haven't been back in forever!!  My Dad and Step-Mum as always are so supportive and understanding and tell me they understand and that they know I'm so busy but they are so proud of me and that I am doing so well in my career...still makes me feel guilty!!! haha.  I can't wait for next weekend!!  Everyone knows how important my family are...and I think it's safe to say that my little brother, sister and I are going to be getting up to some mischief haha...I cannot wait!!