Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter....

It's a looooong weekend!! I'm so grateful for a few days off.  I keep thinking it is Saturday today because my last working day this week was Wednesday.  I decided to take an extra day off than the statutory 4 day weekend.

This weekend I have come home to my Mum and Step-Dad's and decided to spend some more time with my family (my best friends/housemates have also headed home too).  My Mum and I went shopping yesterday as we are both going on holiday soon.  My Mum and Step-Dad leave for a week away just before I head off to the States with friends. So we were both looking for things for our holidays.  I meet my Mum quite often for breakfast at weekends but it was nice to meet up in the week and just enjoy breakfast and a wander around the mall together and catching up on what's been going on. 

I've had yet another cold this past week (this is my 4th so far this year) and I was pretty miserable about it because although it was only something minor having another one having only got over one a few weeks before was pretty draining and frustrating.  Thankfully I'm feeling better than I did and I'm able to relax throughout this Easter weekend and being at home is so nice because it's so quiet here.

A year ago today I had laser eye surgery...I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly and I'm still amazed at the results.  Even after this amount of time I still find myself trying to push my glasses up on my nose and then realise they're not there.  I mainly wore contact lenses but there have been times when I have been getting ready for bed and I have actually put my hands to each side of my head and gone to take my glasses off my face...and then realised they weren't there haha.

The glasses are no more!!!
Easter weekend would not be complete without...


Even at 26 years old I still get Easter Eggs from my family haha...I love it!!! Growing up I was never allowed to open any of my Eggs until Easter Sunday and that is still something I stick to now.  I'm a girl that loves chocolate so it's very difficult for me (my willpower is terrible when it comes to chocolate haha) not to open them haha.  One question I have though and I've had this question for years...why does Easter Egg chocolate taste so much better than normal chocolate????...I just don't understand why it does but it really does taste so much better than your average chocolate bar.

Tomorrow I have plans to do a little bit of baking...and in keeping with the Easter theme I'm going to be making some hot cross buns....


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