Sunday, 13 April 2014

Planning clearly isn't my strong point...

"Caite, lets get together and plan what we are going to do on holiday"...this is what my friend said to me last week and I agreed and we decided Friday would be a good night to do it.  We went to a local pub first to have some food and a glass of wine or two and then we would head back home and have more wine there and plan our holiday!!  Good Plan we thought!!...until one glass turned into one bottle and then one bottle turned into two bottles...need I say more??? haha.  Then we heard the DJ in the pub say there was going to be a pub quiz...there was no way we were going to be leaving at that point so that meant...yep, you've guessed it...more wine!!!.  We didn't win the quiz, we even cheated using the app Shazam but we weren't too far behind the winners haha.

After the several bottles of wine and my huuuuuge steak dinner we left the pub and headed was at that point we decided that it would be a great idea at about 11:30pm to get into the hot tub!!! Haha god knows what the neighbours thought because we weren't quiet at all and the dogs were running around too haha.

Needless to say yesterday morning I was a broken woman!!  I have not suffered a hangover like it in so long that all I could do was take a big nap and hope that I felt better.  It's now Sunday afternoon and I still feel a little rough...this is not good, I'm clearly getting old and things are taking their toll on me much more these days haha.

I'm going to put this picture all over my house to remind me of how broken I became because of wine this weekend haha...

It's been a fun filled morning though so far as we have had my housemates older niece and nephew visit, it's her nephew's 17th birthday in a few weeks...they call me and our other housemate their adoptive auntie and we had bought the soon-to-be 17 year old a couple of tickets for his first music festival because he loves concerts and anything music so he'll be pretty excited when he realises what the three of us have bought him.  It's also Easter next week too so of course they couldn't visit without them getting Easter Eggs and gifts as well.

Despite the fun time I've had this and friend still didn't get round to planning our holiday...oops!! haha.

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