Monday, 5 May 2014

I've been to the Year 3000...

...not much has changed but they live under water!!

I haven't been to a concert for a while but last night I went to see McBusted (The amalgamation of two groups - McFly and Busted). When I was a teenager I loved Busted and went to see them in concert a couple of times.  

I have very little voice left today because as soon as the band arrived on stage I was catapulted back to my teenage years.  I sang, screamed, danced and shouted along with the current day teenagers haha.

I absolutely loved the concert and had so much fun. To say we were close to the stage would be an understatement.  I haven't been this close to the stage during a concert for a long one point I was convinced one of the band members was looking at me (my heart swooned haha)
See? haha
Before the concert my friend and I went for a couple of drinks to get ourselves ready to party (and to get rid of the hangover I had from the night before haha).

Ready to have some McFun haha

McSelfie haha

We got into the arena and it was already filling up very quickly.

Just a few people...don't think this band is very popular ;-)
he took me to the future in the flux thing...and I saw everything!! (the car from back to the future is coming down onto the stage)


I had such a good time at the concert.  I have been walking round the house today doing my chores and have been singing the songs from last night to myself over and over again haha.  My housemates have been laughing at me because I find myself singing the same lines in songs over and over again haha.

These are a couple of the songs I've been singing today...

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