Sunday, 25 May 2014

No smell of biscuits here...

I've recently been on holiday/vacation in a place where the temperature was anywhere between 36 degrees Celsius (96 F) and 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) and although it wasn't a typical sun/beach holiday I was able to work on getting a tan. In the UK we are not necessarily known for our amazing weather although sometimes we can surprise ourselves and we get 2 weeks of sun in the summer instead of just the 1 haha.

In order to maintain a "healthy glow" I am reluctant to use a "fake tan" because I am always conscious of it looking streaky, unnatural and smelling of "biscuits".  I have found a great product which I have been using for the last few weeks which I love...

I use the fair to medium version of this and it is amazing. I wasn't sure the gradual self tanner kind of product would work for me and have the desired effect for me...but...I have had so many compliments about how tanned I looked and how natural it looks when I say it is not all my own tan.

There's no smell of biscuits, it has a great Dove moisturiser smell to it, and it applies so easily...I use a self tanning mitt to apply the lotion to reduce any chance of it being streaky.  The gradual part of the tanner means I can maintain my healthy glow for longer and I can judge how often I need to apply it to keep my skin tone the colour I want it to be.  At present I'm applying it every other day usually after having a shower (including ex-foliating all key areas such as elbows, knees and ankles).

I love this product, it's not expensive, it keeps my skin moisturised and gives me a tan that is natural and not fake.  It suits my skin perfectly and don't feel the need to spend £30 ($50) on a bottle of a well known fake tan.  It also means I am not over-exposing my skin to the sun/UV rays to which can obviously have negative consequences.

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