Saturday, 24 May 2014

Who to vote for?

I'm back from my holiday and it was simply amazing...I had such a great time (the blog post about my holiday is yet to come).

Yesterday (Thursday) was pretty big day in gave an  indication into the thinking of the every day English voter with the General Election just a year away.  I've never been massive into politics but yesterday definitely peaked my interest.

There appears to be a significant amount of discord amongst the voters in England with a significant rise in the popularity of the UKIP party.  People are unhappy with the two big "powers that be"  here and are in some sense rebelling and making their voice be heard by voting for the other party.

As I said I'm not massively into politics, I never know who to really vote for.  I've never been influenced by my parents because to this day I still don't know who my parents vote for.  When I was younger I used to ask them but my parents have always maintained that voting is a private thing and we live in a country where voting is a secret and so they always refused to tell me.  I used to dislike the fact that they didn't tell me but since I became old enough to vote (at 18 years old) I realise why they never told me...they simply want me to make my own choices in life and vote for the party I feel I relate to the most.

This is something I have continued to struggle with this throughout my adult life.  This is because I have had a very lucky and privileged life growing up.  I've had the opportunities in life that I could only have dreamt of...which based on traditional core values of the parties, it would mean I would vote one specific way...BUT everyone knows I love my job and as a professional under one party (the current party in power) we have experienced a significant number of cut backs and losses of services essential to the people I work with which makes me think my job is not deemed important to this party as my job often represents the so-called "lower classes" and the current party don't view these people their target voters and therefore not important...but then do I think the other major party can do any better?

It's so confusing!! I would be very interested in sitting down with the leaders of the major parties in this country and have them tell me their policies that majorly affect my personal life and what their view is on my profession.  After all, my profession requires a licence to practice which took 2 years to obtain and the current party made suggestions that anyone can do my job or people could be qualified after just just 5 weeks of studying and then some on the job training!!  Did I work my backside off for 2 years just to have someone come in after 5 weeks and earn a similar salary and require support and advice from me on a daily basis while they get the experience they need to be deemed qualified? I already commit myself to developing students, which I do for free, and while I'm always there to offer support to a new worker should I be there to do the job that a university / trainers should be doing?

All I know is, it's going to be an interesting year as we build up to the General Election in May 2015 when the nation decides who should be in power and making the decisions on behalf of the Great British Public!!!!

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