Monday, 16 June 2014

How much can one girl fit into a weekend...

What a great weekend.

I went out for drinks with friends on Saturday night, it wasn't anything crazy just nice and relaxing and being able to just chat.  There was no crazy loud music just background music and people gearing up for the first England game of the World Cup.

I attempted to watch the game but just a few minutes into the second half I got really tired and needed to go to bed.  I saw all the goals though...that's the main thing...right? haha.

My Dad thought it was hilarious to send me a message to wake up to on Sunday morning simply saying..."bella Italia" hello daughter, or how are you...just those two words haha...he took great delight in the fact that England lost to Italy...he's Welsh so any time he can make fun of my half English side he does haha.

Yesterday was Father's Day and I am lucky to have three amazing men in my Dad, my Step Dad and my Grandpa.  I visited my Step  Dad and Grandpa yesterday morning to give them their cards and  gifts.  Then I took off on a 4 hour journey to Wales to see my Dad...he didn't know I was going to be arriving, I'd told my Step Mum that I wanted to surprise so she was able to coordinate my brother and sisters Fathers Day stuff with me arriving.  To say my Dad was surprised and happy that I was there was an understatement.

I got to spend less than 24 hours with my family in Wales but it was completely worth it so that I could surprise my Papa.

After the 4 hour drive back today I have been super busy...I decided it was a good day to go and have my hair cut...well I say cut but it was more like a trim.  I didn't want to take any of the length away from my hair so I just had half an inch off the ends.  I also managed to pick up a couple of products that I had been meaning to get...and of course picked up a couple of summer tops...and complained about my poor Starbucks!! haha...

Would you like a drink with your cream?  My drink before I had even had a drink out of it...half a mug of cream...yummy!!

I also finally got round to going to the Doctors...I had blood work done :-( I have been meaning to get this done since the end of April...I know I know...I suck at this kind of stuff haha...I mentioned to my Doctor a couple of months ago that I was feeling tired a lot and that no matter how much or how little sleep I got I felt she told me she thought an update would be a good idea to check that everything was OK.  I'm sure it is and I'm sure it's just because I am always busy whether it is work related or personal life and my sleeping pattern is often shot! So I am sporting a lovely bruise on my right arm...thankfully it's not a big bruise.  Having a needle in my arm didn't really bother me though, I am used to having needles in my arm pits for my botox so one this time was a breeze...kinda!!! haha.

I got some cleaning done in the house as house mate came home to find me cleaning with headphones in listening to music, singing away and dancing to the end of this...

and then she stood there watching me and laughing as I started singing and dancing along to this...

I turned round to see my friend stood there laughing...when I saw her I laughed too and carried on dancing around and told her I was practising for the V Festival...but then I'm a seasoned pro at the camping and festival thing...

I'm ready for festival season again!! haha.

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