Sunday, 8 June 2014

Six Word Saturday: The Weekend that had it all!

...The weekend that had it all...

Yesterday pretty much had it all!

It started off with me drying my underwear that I wanted to wear on my night out in the oven...yes that's the oven!!...I did check with my Mum if it would set my underwear on fire if I put it in there when it was cooling down...she said not so in true good daughter style I trusted and listened to my Mum.

I had a great dinner with friends along with a "couple" of cocktails and "some" wine and by the time my friends and I had left the restaurant we were already a little drunk.  In one bar some guy was being completely random towards us and kept apologising for taking the table that was next to me but not the one my friends and I were sitting at.  Then one of the women with them apologised for them and there's was some banter going backwards and forwards between us all then the girl said something suggesting one of the guys liked me.  My automatic reaction was to tell them I was a lesbian and I was out for a night out with some of my lesbian lovers.  The guy took me seriously and asked me if I really was, to which I just laughed at him and gave him a smile.

Later on in the night I went up to the bar and an older couple were sat at the bar and I was stood there for a few minutes and still hadn't been served and so the couple were helping me getting served.  Later in the night I went to the bar again and the same couple started talking to me again...When I got back to my friends I looked at my phone and there was a text from one of them saying the couple I was talking to were lining me up for a threesome!! Hahaha my friends are terrible and such wind up merchants!! 

At the end of the night feeling a little worse for wear haha...

I woke up at around 6am this morning with a bit of a hangover but apart from that I have felt fine, my house mate's nephews came to visit today, they're just 19 months and 3 months old. Absolutely adorable little things and the 19 month old is so much fun because his little personality is in full swing.  We had fun playing in the garden together.  Obviously I had lots of cuddles with the 3 month old too, any opportunity to spend time with children I'm there!! haha.

Tonight the main TV event in the UK is the Soccer Aid football match.  

This is an event thought up by two UK celebrities as a way to raise money for UNICEF.  This is a very important charity and one close to my heart because it's a children's charity.  The charity is not funded by the UN and relies solely on voluntary donations and works to change the lives of the world's most poorest countries.  The charity game is a game of football (soccer) between England (ex-)professional players and celebrities) and the Rest of the World (ex-)professional players and celebrities) held at the ground of Manchester United.  Along with my job I donate to a number of children's charities and I also sponsor a dog to be trained as a guide dog for the blind...but whilst watching the game I have also donated for this charity too.  As part of the show there are videos showing people what the money raised by UNICEF does to help children.  It will probably not surprise people that I cried at those videos.  Whenever there are vulnerable children involved I cannot help but get upset. 

My favourite and biggest crush is part of the Soccer Aid and that's this man...

Adam Richman this game is great viewing for me haha.

I'm off to enjoy the last few minutes of the game! 

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  1. So pretty! It's nice to know you had a great weekend.

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