Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bad week...better weekend...

I had an awful week last week at work and I was so glad to see the back of that particular week.

Friday I wasn't initially in the mood to blow off any steam at home, I wanted to wallow in the events of the week and then just go to bed.  That would probably have been the worst thing for me after the stressful week and would probably have wallowed all weekend.  So I was thankful that the two wonderful friends I live with basically plied me with alcohol and let me moan about the week and blow off the steam, frustration and annoyance that had built up throughout.

Saturday...ouch! I had a hangover haha.  I haven't had one that bad for a long time.  Instead of just laying in my pit (my bed haha) I was up and out of the house by 9am and in the gym for 9:20am. I'm glad I went because it blew the cobwebs away, helped my hangover and helped keep me in shape.  What I didn't like...was the humongous blister on my heel...the irony is I was wearing anti-blister socks that were designed for my type of running shoe...don't think I'll be buying those socks again!!!

I had a conversation with my friend on Saturday and she said to me "Caite I can't believe you're  staying in on a Saturday night"...I asked her why and she went on to tell me that she hated being at home on a Saturday night and found it strange that at "my age" that I would be happy being at home on a Saturday. Maybe 2 years ago I would have agreed with her...but my life has changed somewhat in the last few years...don't get me wrong I love to go out and have a good time with friends and more often than not I will be out on a Saturday but...I'm in my mid-20s...I have a career, one that means a lot to me, it is a stressful job and there are weekends when I just want to enjoy being home and not having to put on make up, a dress or nice outfit and I can stay home and this...

I did go out for dinner last night but it was very low key and I was home before I knew and in my was. perfect...and much needed.

Although I relaxed on Saturday there are still a few things lingering in the back of my mind when it comes to work and when I'm feeling annoyed, frustrated and generally pissed off I have the "dangerous" need to spend money...even if there's nothing I actually want.  I don't know why because hammering my bank account on unnecessary purchases is only going to make me feel guilty and annoyed with myself (rather than the original thing I was annoyed about) once I've calmed down.

I met my Mama today, went for breakfast (my treat again...I'm not happy about this when I'm the only child and the stereotype is that only children are supposed to be spoilt hahaha.  After that we went shopping...and I bought a few things and gently hammered my bank account by buying toiletries, a couple of tops (one was in the sale so I had to buy another top with the money I'd saved right??? haha).  I was then looking round a department store and came across some new bed sheets that are so pretty...I got an absolute bargain...the set should have cost me £60 ($105) but I got them for just £18 ($31), the material is so nice and along with the new pillow I have for my style of sleeping (I'm a side sleeper) I cannot wait to go to bed tonight haha.

I have been looking forward to going to bed tonight that much that by mid afternoon I had had a shower and had my PJs on and  have been like that every since haha.

I've had the opportunity to do some cooking for the girls and I tonight for dinner...I made home made lamb and mint burgers topped with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon and sour cream.  I wasn't sure if all the flavours would work together but given the fact my friends demolished every single one I think the combination was a good one.  I last had a lamb burger in Gordon Ramsay's restaurant...and while I'm no professional chef, I like to think my homemade ones gave the one in his restaurant a run for its money haha.

Sadly it's the end of the weekend for me and it's back to work tomorrow :-( 

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