Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Finding the balance is easy right?

Sunday was just what I needed.  A day away from everything, no phone, no interruptions but a day of complete relaxation.  That could only mean one thing...a day at the spa.

It felt so good to walk around the spa in a big fluffy white bathrobe similar to this...

Not from today (obviously, because I was phone free) but big robes like this!!

So I had the robe on, bikini, hair up and the best bit...not a scrap of make up and I had a day of pure indulgence and pampering.  I had a facial on Sunday and a hot stone body massage.  I am sure I fell asleep throughout the massage for a few minutes.  It really was so good, I like to think I look something like this when I'm having a hot stone kind of massage haha...

but in reality I probably look like this haha...

Either way it was an amazing hour of pampering and I felt amazing when I came out of the treatment room.

I am becoming terrible at updating my blog.  I think I am writing at the wrong time of day because when I get home from work I am way too tired to even think about writing but when I'm driving to work or sat at my desk I always think about things which I think would be funny or good to write about...by the time I get home...I have no interest in writing.  I have been blogging about 2.5 years now and where I had more time before I find myself so incredibly busy with trying to achieve the perfect work / life balance due to my work taking up a lot of my time.

I'm hoping to reclaim some of the 'life' part of my balance and I have decided to take a few days off work and go visit my Dad and family at home in my beloved Wales.  I always love going home to the place I was born.  My Dad's home is the perfect place...quiet, peaceful, in the countryside but not too far from the hustle and bustle of a city if I wanted to go do something.  I'm honestly looking for some time away, there are times when I think I get consumed in the life I lead here with work and constantly being on the go that it's the best therapy ever going to see him, my Step Mum and siblings and be surrounded by tranquillity. Tomorrow is my last day at work for a few days (yippeeeeee!!!) and I am so happy about it haha.

Cymru yma yr wyf yn dod ... yn dda mewn ychydig o ddyddiau (Just a little bit of Welsh) haha

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