Sunday, 20 July 2014

International drinking weekend haha...

I am officially old...haha...I don't think I can handle two nights of drinking in a row...not only that but it was international drinking...two nights...two countries (Wales and England...that counts right?) haha.

Up until yesterday I spent a few days in Wales with my Dad, Step-Mama and my little brother and sister.  I took a few days off work to go and see them.

Wales, as always, is great.  It's great to be home and visiting family.  My siblings are at school today but it's the last day before the school holidays start.  My Dad was working so the most obvious thing for my Step-Mama and I to do when we have no restrictions...was go for breakfast...

I'll burn off the calories...I promise haha
...then we did a little shopping.  I bought a few things today for myself and I got some great deals. I needed some new running shoes for the gym and instead of paying £70 ($120) they were a bargain at £35 ($60).  They're specifically for people with my "foot arch type" which means my feet won't get sore...and they're a great colour too...

My bargain running shoes

Along with the shoes I also bought some new running socks to allow my feet to "breathe" and to reduce the risk of getting blisters...they were also a bargain...two pairs of  socks should have cost me £13 ($20) but I got them for £7 ($11)...

Clever socks that can breeeeeathe
The  socks are seriously comfy but I think  it's really cute that they have an L and R on each one of them but I only realised that when I had tried them on and I had them on the wrong feet haha.

The final purchase was a new iphone armband for when I'm working out...

This thing literally covers the top of my arm haha

Friday night my family and I went out for dinner because my brother and sister finished school for the summer and also got great school reports. After dinner I met up with my friend and we managed to sink three bottles of wine as we caught up as I hadn't had a time to get together with her for a while.  Our friendship is one of those where we can go months without seeing each other and just chat through messages or on the phone but as soon as we see each other it's like we have never been apart and we're gossiping a million miles a minute.

Saturday I returned home and even though I had a huge hangover in the morning I made it back in the afternoon...then I was out with the girls last night.  One of my friends came to my house and my housemate and I played hosts haha...we had a little drink and a few snacks before we went out...

pre-night out / afternoon snacks and drinks
After getting through the bottle in the picture above my housemate and I decided it would be funny to do a little photo trickery...yeah the alcohol was clearly starting to flow at this point haha...

Balancing my friend on the tip of my finger haha
Dinner was fantastic...we ate a lot of Italian food, drank wine and enjoyed a nice relaxing start to the night.  The weather night though started off pretty good, as you can see in my picture with Chloe there was even some sun...then the heavens opened and torrential rain, thunder storms and lightning took over.  The storms were terrible, one house near mine got struck by lightning resulting in it being set on fire, thankfully the family that live there were not home when it happened. We decided we were in the mood for some laughs and went to the Comedy Club again...I'm beginning to really love that place...last night I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face haha.

Selfie in the Comedy Club bathroom
After the club we went to a few bars and had more drinks...

The drinks are a flowing...Chloe insisted on a strawberry on her glass in the bar like we had at home haha
I had a great night but even at my age I'm starting to feel old the bars were pretty full with 18-19 year olds...all looking fresh faced and being asked for ID.  I didn't get asked for ID at all...I clearly look old these days haha.

This morning I woke up feeling very tired and like I'd been hit over the head with a heavy object, I have been so lazy today.  I told myself I would be making it to the gym...hahahaha...who on earth was I kidding? I haven't moved all day other than to zip off to the supermarket to buy some chocolate and comfort food for the day to get over two nights of drinking...dinner is consisting of hot dogs with hot English mustard and tomato ketchup and I can't's the simple foods on a Sunday afternoon that are the best.

I am loving this song at the minute, I've never even heard of this particular group before but there's something about the song that makes me want to listen to it over and over again.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


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