Monday, 11 August 2014

Falling in love...on repeat...with songs!!

Do you ever hear a song and fall in love with it that much that you find yourself pressing repeat over and over again when you're driving in the car or just have music playing at home or at work?  That is definitely me.  I love music and it's usually something like a line in a song or a melody that gets me hooked and I find myself playing the song over and over...and then when I'm not actually listening to the song I'll find myself humming along or singing a few lines of the song while I'm working or doing...well nothing in particular.  It's like it for days and days and often my 20 minute journey to and from work will often feature just one song.

At the minute I have two songs that I absolutely love and they are dominating my play lists!

The first one is...

I haven't always been a massive fan of Ed Sheeran but there's just something about this song that I absolutely love.

The other song that I have on repeat is this one...

I love Sam Smith, he has such an amazing voice and I love the all of the songs of his I've heard but this one, I am absolutely in love with which is ironic given the subject of the song.

Speaking of things I cream!! I always tell myself that I don't like ice cream, I never order it when I'm having dessert in a restaurant, I always opt  for an ice lolly when it's hot weather...and now I realise why...if I let myself eat ice cream I get a real taste for it and one ice cream is just not enough for me...especially these awesome things...

I could quite happily just keep eating these things and I have to be really strict with myself...don't even get me started on Ben and Jerry's haha...I have to stick to the mini tubs of ice cream otherwise I'd be happy to sit and eat a whole tub in one sitting roll on winter when I won't be tempted by ice cream haha.

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  1. Love songs on Repeat and singing them all day!