Friday, 8 August 2014

Limbering up to do the don't rain dance!!

It's the weekend!! Woohoo woohoo! Wooooowaaaaahooooo!! :-)

I am so glad that I get a two day break from's been terrible at work and I'm soooo tired and but the weather is terrible there's no way I'm going out tonight! So it's a night in relaxing, blogging, watching one of my favourite comedians on TV (who I also get to see headlining the comedy stage next weekend at V Festival) - Alan Carr!!..oh and a couple of drinks to get my weekend of course!

I've been looking at the weather for next weekend when I go to V festival and the weather does not look good (nooooooooo!!!! haha). To be fair I don't really care about the weather next weekend, I'm just looking forward to having a good time and enjoying the music and comedy there...I just hope our tent does not end up like this haha...

It's a good job I can swim if the camping area ends up like that next weekend haha...but even though I said I don't care about the weather, throughout next week I'll be doing my "don't rain dance" so that we have good weather at the festival haha

It's my friends birthday tomorrow and the lucky thing is getting to spend their birthday in France!! So I hope they have a wonderful day...

I hope they get to have lots of these...(drinks of course haha).

drinks drinks and moooooore drinks haha

Have a good weekend...I'm off to start limbering up ready for the don't rain dance haha :-)

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